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What is your feedback regarding Cloudflare?
I'm using CloudFlare on RTFW.org, and not on fawkessoft.com. They're both hosted on the same shared server (as in, the same physical box), and the speed difference is very noticeable. One of the reasons it's so much faster is that rather than hit my server for everything, a user only needs to hit the PHP pages. CloudFlare automatically caches the images, JS, CSS, and other static files at their datacenters, and can serve up the image from the one nearest the user rather than taking a trip 1/4 of the way around the world to get an image smaller than the headers used to request it.

On top of that, CloudFlare automatically blocks spammers. Between it and the Stop Forum Spam plugin, in the month they've been running, I've only had 2 spammers register, and they haven't had a chance to post yet.
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