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The lawyer was happy with it as it is - and I think it is implied that you must destroy any copies you have.
Looks like phenetic can do his Pre-Modded thing now
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The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn't.
With the new license, I believe more Bridge, etc..will be done and will make MyBB more popular and also a choice for a forum.
MrDoom Wrote:Looks like phenetic can do his Pre-Modded thing now
Hence why I avoided replying to the thread until now. Wink
I have a question regarding this point in the license under "Reproduction and Distribution"
Quote:Any additional files you add must not bare the copyright of the MyBB Group.
I don't plan on redistributing the files, but my website has quite allot of custom php files. Is it ok/neccessery to include the copyright on these files?
They all include global and use the template system.
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All that is being said there is if you're adding your own custom files to a redistributable version you can't add the MyBB header:
 * MyBB 1.2
 * Copyright © 2006 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * Website: http://www.mybboard.com
 * License: http://www.mybboard.com/eula.html
 * $Id: managegroup.php 2164 2006-08-30 06:17:49Z chris $

to the top of them - which most people wouldn't.
I didnt know it refered to that copyright.
I thought it ment the one in the footer template Toungue
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* You may not remove, alter or otherwise attempt to hide the MyBB
copyright notice in any of the files within the original MyBB package.
Simple, you get credit for your page ...

* Any additional files you add must not bare the copyright of the MyBB Group.
... and I get credit for mine ...

* You agree that no support will be given to those who use the distributed modified copies.
... but does this mean I may not support the combined BB, not even the part I added?
The last part means that "we" the support team will not give support to distributed modified versions of MyBB

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