MyBB 1.6.7 Urdu Language Package
MyBB , written in PHP and MySQL as a backend supported is no doubt a best Free Forum Software available today. Javascript and CSS increases its performance. The day not far when MyBB stands with the biggest and advanced forum softwares like vBulletin,Invision Power Board and XenForo.

Many MyBB Users works voluntarily to help in strengthen its various features. Some involved in Theme making, some involved in Plugin creation and still others used to make MyCodes.

MyBB was written in english language. Many volunteers serve MyBB by translating MyBB in their own native language. For this, Mr. Asif Muneer trasnlated MyBB 1.4.x in Urdu and after that Mr. Imran Umer Shahab translated Mybb 1.6.x in urdu. When MyBB's newer version 1.6.7 released, there was no language pack available for MyBB 1.6.7. So Urdu Manzar Forum released MyBB 1.6.7 Urdu Language Package for Free. This language packaga have following features;

* Correct Urdu Words.

* Correct Urdu Grammar.

* RTL Language Support.

* Built for latest MyBB 1.6.7

* Free to use. No need to pay for download.


MyBB 1.6.7. Urdu Language Package is free to use but you have no rights to distribute this with your own name. You may reproduce it for your own personal use, but not have rights to sale it. You may not claim that you have written this language Package. If you fail to abide by this License, MyBB and the Author "Ali Imran" have right to file a case upon you.


We highly pay thanks to Mr. Imran Umer Shahab and MyBB from whom we got a lot of help. This MyBB 1.6.7. Urdu Language Package is copyrighted by international laws.

Download Language pack below and enjoy...........

.zip   MyBB 1.6.7 Urdu Language (Size: 246.46 KB / Downloads: 413)

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