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Not Solved Login Problem (lower-case)
Not Solved
Hi there,

I try to update my very old mybb 1.4 to last one and get a whole bunch problems so i decide to manually change db structure to reflect new 1.6 version, install fresh copy of forum and just change db mysql setting to connect on my database. After everything forum work fine except that users with capital letter cant login no more. if all letter is lowercase that its fine otherwise cant login.

What I can do to fix that? I connect to phpmyadmin and take a look over there, username in db is written correcly. If I try to login again with 1.4 core its fine.

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Login Problem (lower-case) - by babaroga - 2012-05-23, 11:11 PM
RE: Login Problem (lower-case) - by babaroga - 2012-05-23, 11:24 PM

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