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[Rejected] Is it possible to not have any of MyBB 2.0 news this month?
(2012-07-19, 02:29 PM)PepperMint Wrote: Yes, I had to read it but staff here should have not wrote the announcement of 2.0 in 2009.

While his whole argument is flawed, i can see this last one holding some form of truth.

Why was 2.0 announced in 2009? I mean back then you would have known it would have been atleast 5 or so years before you would release as much as a beta.

With 1.8 because of all the trouble of the past few months pushed back a lot. And slowly starting to become a major content update (because you just like the community sees MyBB will have to add things to keep up with competition).
It will be what september,oktober? before we see a beta. And maybe January next year a release of some sorts since i dont see you releasing it during the holiday season.

That would make it 2013, add two years to that we would be in 2015. Now lets presume for a moment that you would release a beta of some sorts of 2.0 in august of 2014 that would still make the total time since the first announcement to the earliest release about 6 years.

While i guess i can see why you did it, i still think it might not have been the best decision to share that type of information so early on. And would have been a better announcement around this time that after 1.8 2.0 would be released. Yes i know 1.8 was never in the planning untill recently but still 6 years is quite a lot of time. To much time for such an announcement if you ask me.

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