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[Rejected] Is it possible to not have any of MyBB 2.0 news this month?
Developing the Future was the first major announcement about MyBB 2.0, in June 2011. In actual fact, plans for 2.0 have been discussed well before 2009, even before 2008. Against these discussions, what you've heard about the next generation of MyBB can't even be classed as the tip of the iceberg; but likewise we haven't fully decided anything more which is why we don't discuss it publicly.

2.0 is, for us, creating an entirely new piece of forum software that follows the principles of MyBB. It might be easy for you to tell us to make it but it is quite the opposite. We need plans, the right team and the right tools before we even finalise plans for it - and we're nowhere near that point at the moment.

Anyway, I couldn't really care much for discussing 2.0 or your thoughts on our development cycle (to be blunt). We have a great product in MyBB 1.8 and we're fully focused on that.

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RE: Is it possible to not have any of MyBB 2.0 news this month? - by Tomm M - 2012-07-19, 03:08 PM

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