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Site Hacked [Google results takes to spam site]
Thanks guys. I just did the file verification and it showing me the following:
admin/jscripts/codepress/languages/javascript.js Changed
admin/modules/user/admin_permissions.php Changed
inc/functions.php Changed
inc/languages/english/admin/config_profile_fields.lang.php Changed
inc/functions_post.php Changed

what should I do?

The most strangest thing I've just discovered is that if you visit the site using refferer as Googlebot, it shows the old version of the index page with viagra title which was on phpbb.. but those files were cleaned from the server 100%.. and no trace of phpbb files were left. i've just checked the httacess and index files, seems fine and normal.

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RE: Site Hacked [Google results takes to spam site] - by jaanfx - 2012-08-10, 04:23 AM

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