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[For 1.8] MySubscriptions - Paid Usergroup Subscriptions (Paypal IPN)
(2015-03-30, 06:58 PM)p00lz Wrote: test install; the link in usercp (and readme) /misc.php?action=payments just redirects to index for some reason

edit; actually let me check my htaccess.

edit2; checked and should be no issues with it, still just takes to index

edit3; ignore me, in the mysubscriptions page in the adminCP it wasn't enabled... I'm an idiot.

It's not enabled by default. I am going to get rid of that setting in the next build I think.

It used to be an activate/deactivate plugin and I set it up to install/uninstall/activate/deactivate now, so that's why I had the enable settings in there initially, but it makes more sense to make it a full install and allow for activation/deactivation through the plugins page.
I develop plugins.

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