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[For 1.8] MySubscriptions - Paid Usergroup Subscriptions (Paypal IPN)
(2015-03-30, 09:12 PM)alv4 Wrote: The mods site link is not working

Yea, they still have yet to approve it. You can download the .zip from the Github page in the interim.

(2015-03-30, 06:58 PM)p00lz Wrote: edit4; I'm probably still being an idiot (i'm hungover, sue me) but what template is the link in the usercp in, I assumed usercp_nav but it's not there or in any of the other usercp_nav_* templates.  I can't find it anywhere and don't really want to be editing it in the mysubs.php file unless it's necessary

I do not have a template for the usercp at this moment. I need to create some design settings in the future.

The code to generate the payments link is in the mysubs_usercp_menu() function (lines 1107 to 1113 in ./inc/plugins/mysubs.php):

	function mysubs_usercp_menu()
		global $db, $mybb, $usercpmenu;
		$mysubs = '<tr><td class="trow1 smalltext"><a href="'.$mybb->settings['bburl'].'/misc.php?action=payments" class="usercp_nav_item" style="background: url('.$mybb->settings['bburl'].'/images/usercp/dollar.gif) no-repeat scroll left center transparent;">MySubscriptions</a></td></tr>';
		$usercpmenu .= $mysubs;
I develop plugins.

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