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[For 1.8] MySubscriptions - Paid Usergroup Subscriptions (Paypal IPN)
Set up custom payment gateways for premium usergroups.

[30th March, 2015] Updated for use in 1.8

Hey everyone, another plugin here updated to be compatible with Mybb 1.8.

Please be cautious and note that the complete functionality of this plugin is still being tested. During its use, you may encounter issues. If/when you do, please let me know immediately by either submitting a bug report to the mods page or PM'ing me. I will be keeping track of all known issues on this thread as I work out all of the features.

You are using this plugin at your own risk. I do not recommend installing this on any major board as of yet (however you may if you wish). I recommend monitoring it heavily to ensure everyone is getting their subscriptions as expected and being removed when expected.

So far, I have tested the payments system on a live site by sending real payments to myself and it seems to be functioning, however there is only so much that I can test. Each site is different, and given the sensitive nature and size of this plugin, I still wish to have more feedback before marking this as stable.

Github Page

[ ]

Mybb mods page -

MySubscriptions is an advanced subscription plugin for Mybb. It allows the administrator to install a payments system for different groups on their forums. The plugin works similar to vBulletin's payments system included by default.

With MySubscriptions, you are able to set multiple prices/times for the same subscription. This makes it easier for the user to purchase a subscription for whatever amount of time they want, as long as the administrator added it.

Currently, payments can be made through Paypal. The plugin uses Paypal's IPN functions to recognize when users pay and upgrade them to the appropriate group.

Using Mybb's tasks, users will be reverted back to their main group after the expiration time has passed. This is updated in 30 minute intervals.

To use MySubscriptions, follow the README.txt provided in the archive. When you activate this plugin in your ACP, all of its features will be disabled. To enable these, you must go to the Settings tab under the MySubscriptions page and enable the plugin. Before enabling this plugin, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IPN ENABLED ON PAYPAL. This step is *critical* or your subscriptions will not work. You must also set the ipn url to: {MYBB_ROOT}/misc.php?do=paypal_ipn
Where {MYBB_ROOT} is your full website's url and path to your mybb installation.

If you encounter any bugs, please let me know.

Thank you, and enjoy!
I develop plugins.

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