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[For 1.8] MySubscriptions - Paid Usergroup Subscriptions (Paypal IPN)
(2012-07-31, 08:47 PM)Zueq Wrote: Great plugin, EthanD! :)

Thank you!

(2012-08-01, 11:41 PM)usedragon Wrote: Sweet been waiting for something too happen. But I have one question (suggestion). Would it be possible to integrate it with NewsPoints? Many of us (not me) don't have access to Debit Cards, Credit Cards, or some form of transaction. Be like another gateway (NewPoints) :D Just a thought.

In the future I may add more payment gateways if possible.

(2012-08-02, 04:59 PM)Monaco Wrote: Interesting! To be sure - this uses normal paypal payments, NOT paypal recurring subscription payments, correct? I have never met one person who was comfortable using paypal's recurring payment scheme.

Also: how many SQL queries does it add?

One more question: What does it look like from the member's perspective, on the front end? I'm assuming you could put a button in the header or something similar?

It does not use recurring payments. There may be an option in the future to allow recurring payments in a subscription, but for now that's not implemented.

I don't know the exact query count added. It only queries on the ACP (for the settings), and the misc page (misc.php?action=payments / misc.php?do=paypal_ipn). So it won't affect your board's load time when browsing forums or anything else.

What do you mean? If you want a sample to what purchasing looks like, check out You have to register to see what it looks like, but it's similar to vBulletin's default payments system, if you're familiar with that.
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