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Site Hacked.
(2012-08-01, 09:27 AM)Dolphins Wrote: Hey guys,

My site: has been hacked and it's coming up with an error for it, as though it's all been deleted. Is there anyone who would be able to give me any pointers to recover it all and make it more secure for next time?

Many thanks,

Nevermind, Recovered it.

Well, first of all, as Vernier said, check how they gained access to your forum.
Secondly, change all your master passwords (mysql, ftp, ssh, mybb admin etc) to something harder (include a mixture of different characters between each character and number to avoid your password getting generated in some rainbow table).

If you got your own server and hosts your website on it, shut down and uninstall any unneccessary and unsecure services such as telnet (use only SSH and SFTP for file management). Try avoid using a control panel as well as it can easily be brute forced and exploited.

If you have any vurnerable content inside your robots.txt file like the path to some admin directory or something similar, try removing it (everyone can see which pages and directories you are hiding from the public).
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MODx, I'd recommend you to use it, you'll save time in your development.

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