Change Quick Reply Editor To Advanced Editor
(2021-06-04, 02:29 AM)david94 Wrote:
(2014-10-02, 07:11 AM)martec Wrote:
(2014-10-01, 10:48 AM)Diyar_KURD Wrote: Didnt work for me (1.8)
it will only incease the quick editor size

this tutorial for 1.6 and not to 1.8...
revert template change first...

and try use this or this

Do you have an update for this? It is no longer working

if using Quick Advanced Editor please use the Quick Advanced Editor Plus

* If you using Quick Advanced Editor, you need unistall Quick Advanced Editor totally, and remove quickadveditor.php of plugin folder.

Ps. Future quesion about this plugin please ask here:

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