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[Tutorial] How to Help Secure your Forums from being Hacked/DDOSED
(2012-12-10, 03:16 PM)imtiax Wrote: The reason I suggest just buying a small VPS to host your site is,

The cost of shared hosting is $3 - $7 for month depending on who you pick, on average.

The cost of a small VPS is around $3 - 6 which will run a small Webserver just fine.

The majority of administrators won't be comfortable with setting up a VPS and maintaining it. Shared hosting is perfectly fine for the average forum.

Having a badly configured VPS is worse than having an account on a secured shared host.

(2012-12-10, 03:16 PM)imtiax Wrote: So why not take advantage of that, and hide your servers IP, so it's not possible for anyone to DDOS you, or shell bruteforce.

You cannot hide your server's IP address. Why would you want to do that? The only reason I can think to ever do that is if you're very paranoid that you're going to be attacked. IP addresses are public. With a little research anyone can manage to get the IP address of the server.

Saying using CloudFlare would make the server impossible to DDOS is incorrect. If someone is trying to DDOS your site, and the attack is affecting other CloudFlare sites, CloudFlare will route the traffic directly to the server instead.

CloudFlare is not a service intended to hide your server's IP address. I cannot stress that enough.

Trying to hide the server's IP address is lazy way to try to secure a site. Forget 'hiding' it, implement services and configurations which make it impossible for an attacker to gain unauthorized access even with the IP address.
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