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[Tutorial] How to Help Secure your Forums from being Hacked/DDOSED
Well hiding your IP address via Cloudflare wouldn't really be much help.

Essentially, Cloudflare will release your IP to who ever requests it allowing them to process DMCA requests at your hosting provider among other things. Essentially a simple email and they will have your websites IP address no problem.

Edit: Noticed this has already been said above Toungue

Edit 2: I guess using Cloudflare to "hide your IP" could act as a deterrent for those that are not aware that they can ask Cloudflare for the IP or simply just don't know what Cloudflare is.

Forum-wise: the best thing to do really is change your admin directory and put a fake admin login page at the "normal" location - Clever, easy and you can find out who is trying to get access where they shouldn't have.

Server-side: Well there are many things you can do though hiding your IP address isn't one.

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