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I'm currently looking to sell one of my most intricate forums, one of which I've put a lot of money, work and thought in to developing to make it as beautiful, user friendly and feature-packed as possible. I am not longer in the market for creating forums as I personally do not have a use for them. I am still considering designing for MyBB, though I have lacked creativity as of late. iOSNut is a community originally set up for iOS Gaming, which has since progressed in to much more. It's currently a website dedicated to iOS / Apple in general. Let me be clear: The board is not currently active, nor does it have a huge member / post base. I am mainly selling this to off-hand the theme and the database along with the feature that were developed for it. What you do with it is completely your prerogative, though I will not be selling pieces of the site individually.

Asking price:
~$120 AUD. I'm aware this is a lot to ask for, so please do not hesitate in talking to me about a different price. Offer are welcome.

What's included:
  • &
  • A hand-crafted beautiful custom theme designed and coded by myself and some of the original members of the late Codicious.
  • A handful of custom plugins, both developed by various authors and some exclusively for iOSNut
    • Nudges plugin (Codicious' notifications system)
    • Status updates
    • iOS App Review System
    • My Achievements
  • A fully-functioning website enhanced by the use of template conditionals and jQuery. The website has many effects such as popup box logins, etc. Template conditionals are used for additional functionality, for example being able to post / view statuses, etc.

Some screenshots:

Please contact me via PM if you're interested.
Prices are negotiable.
Feel free to ask any questions.

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