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How to hide DNS records from Cloudflare Resolvers?
Quote:To be honest, you shouldn't be using CloudFlare as a service to hide your server IP. That's not what it's meant for, nor will it help to much extent.

Originally that may not have been there intent but that's changed.

The upgraded accounts have security features including those for DDOS protection. Which in general are pointless if your real server IP is exposed.

Quote:If you're using a decent web host they should be able to mitigate any attacks directly against the server.

Unsure what experience you have but most hosts even decent ones consider DDOS mitigation to be null routing you. A lot of them won't lift a finger. Especially shared hosts.

Even Cloudflares free service can assist in mitigating attacks.

Quote:Rather than use a proxy, I just deleted all the records except these.

Now, none of my IPs show up on the resolver except direct connect, which is shown as, sometimes. Something very odd happens however. When I used this resolver:

Cloudflare doesn't protect MX records. is your server IP.

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