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How to hide DNS records from Cloudflare Resolvers?
(2012-12-18, 02:02 AM)labrocca Wrote: Originally that may not have been there intent but that's changed.

The upgraded accounts have security features including those for DDOS protection. Which in general are pointless if your real server IP is exposed.

I understand your point, but a lot of people think that CloudFlare is the ultimate solution to protecting your site. I feel a lot of people are using it for the wrong reasons. With little effort someone can obtain a server IP address regardless of whether you're using CloudFlare or not. I'm confident when I say you shouldn't solely rely on CloudFlare and I'm sure you'll agree with that.

(2012-12-18, 02:02 AM)labrocca Wrote: Unsure what experience you have but most hosts even decent ones consider DDOS mitigation to be null routing you. A lot of them won't lift a finger. Especially shared hosts.

Even Cloudflares free service can assist in mitigating attacks.

In such a case where a shared host is being attacked you'd still feel the impact of it if they were trying to take down another site on the server. For example, AFAIK you host a bunch of sites on Dreamhost. You could use CloudFlare on all those sites but if someone manages to obtain the IP range Dreamhost uses, CloudFlare is useless when it comes to protecting your site from DDOS attacks because it's not your domain being targeted.

In no way does CloudFlare advertise, or advise you, to use CloudFlare to hide your server IP. They actually encourage you to add a subdomain for services which run on unsupported ports. The point I'm trying to get across is CloudFlare is not an ultimate solution. Use it and love it, but it can't help you to read minds or levitate.
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