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How to hide DNS records from Cloudflare Resolvers?
Quote:I'm confident when I say you shouldn't solely rely on CloudFlare and I'm sure you'll agree with that.

True but anyone who doesn't know this probably doesn't have the skill to do more anyways.

Quote:In such a case where a shared host is being attacked you'd still feel the impact of it if they were trying to take down another site on the server. For example, AFAIK you host a bunch of sites on Dreamhost. You could use CloudFlare on all those sites but if someone manages to obtain the IP range Dreamhost uses, CloudFlare is useless when it comes to protecting your site from DDOS attacks because it's not your domain being targeted.

I have smaller sites even MyBBCentral on Dreamhost with Cloudflare protection. Works fairly well. Even I was a noob without skill or knowledge I'd be pretty happy with this setup. Uptime isn't my highest priority for most of my smaller sites and the set it and forget it experience I have with CF and shared hosting is very positive.

Quote:In no way does CloudFlare advertise, or advise you, to use CloudFlare to hide your server IP.

No one has said that. But you can't have any type of DDOS protection (which they do offer) without hiding original server IP. But if you can't protect yourself at the server level you'll likely experience downtime from attacks. With or without Cloudflare that's the end result.

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