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Smite Forums - Third Person MOBA Game
(2013-01-05, 02:20 AM)Californian Wrote: Berlo takes influence as well as the structural elements from HARAJUJU and brad-t took the structural integrity from Ferron's Block & Blue theme. I don't understand the volume of duplicated templates Berlo took, but as far as I know it's just the postbit and etc - doesn't seem like a lot of damage to me?

There's a big difference here, namely

1. I've modified pretty much every template of Block & Blue heavily – nothing stylistically is the same, particularly in the newer version where the only code remaining is the login box – and
2. Block & Blue was released as a theme to be modified by site admins. The Humanization Project was not released as a theme.

It's a document with the intent to show that admins can do a lot more with MyBB than we've been doing. My examples are MY EXAMPLES, and while it would be fine if we're talking about a few ideas that resemble mine there is code directly lifted from me here.

You reading the Humanization Project and deciding to replicate my templates entirely shows a total lack of creative effort, and worse, a belief that my theme can't be improved upon – which it definitely can.

As for volume ... not a lot, but all of the most highly visible and recognizable elements.

Berlo had PM'ed me a while ago asking for advice and said that the theme would not resemble mine so much once his development was finished. That was months ago, and it looks the same now. So I think this was done in very bad spirit.

This will be the last post I make about this. You know what you did and I think it's very clear to anyone that this is in bad taste, and not the intention of my project. If people think this is the nature of it, then yes, maybe I should just delete it.

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