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(2013-01-31, 08:44 PM)vegathechosen Wrote: Your forum comes off more as an openbor/gaming site rather than a "handheld" gaming site and with ken and ryu up there first thing I think of is "arcade". You have more console sections (4) than you do for actual handhelds (3) which IMO is a bad move because your url is "handheld gaming", in other words that would be like me having a foreign film forum but having more sections dedicated to American film than foreign . When I read this was a handhelds forum I was pretty excited and was going to join but after viewing your page I had no interest which is unfortunate cuz this is a very good niche (handhelds). Your lacking content and need to fill up the forums with more than one thread. The theme imo is "played out" it's a great and beautiful theme, id just make it more of your own. Also "openbor and mugen" are kind of hard to read atleast for me.

Thank you for your feedback, i will surely look into this with the rest of my team Smile
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