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Hello i have made a few adjustments to the site and being the owner of the site i wanted to just say that i originally wanted an openbor and mugen games site.Plus with other topics on other game consoles aswell i am however thinking of changing this domain name handheldgaming to something like gaming mania.Do you think this will improve the site as you say its a hand held gaming site but it comes of more being a openbor and mugen site.Yes maybe it does also i have changed and added more topics on the site like also what was mentioned was there was more game console topics than hand held consoles this has now been changed.I also chose this domain handheldgaming the reason was because it came up in a lot of search engines so i thought it might acuallty do well so i took a chance on it really.So please your suggestions about giving this site a new domain name like the one i mentioned in this message.Doing this can you say to me this will help the site be active

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