Task to move users to different group (demotion)
Dear all,
since the promotion system can't handle what I'd love to do, maybe someone of you can help me with a task file that does the following:
  1. search for users who are primary members of gid 2 and have not logged in for a specified amount of time (500 days before current date), the amount can be hardcoded in the task's php file
  2. assign the users found to secondary gid 21 if they aren't already
  3. set their display group to gid 21

    and then

  4. check for members of gid 21 that have logged in within the last 2 days
  5. remove secondary group membership in gid 21 from those

I know how to do that manually in the database, but i'd prefer an automated task. Anyone there who could do this for me?

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Task to move users to different group (demotion) - by linguist - 2013-02-19, 09:26 AM

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