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Needed: 1 Very Active Staff Member
(2013-03-20, 07:22 PM)Alex - Arvixe Wrote:
(2013-03-19, 11:39 PM)Paradox21 Wrote: I need one staff member to help me out on . We'll be getting a paid domain soon. Anyways, you must make 10 posts on the forum before you are promoted, and be friendly and active. If you're interested, post here, then join the forum and PM Ominous on there.

If you are just starting out you really don't need another admin, to many staff members turns people away. Just create content yourself, tell your friends familiar with the subject to be active etc... and you will see you don't need to request people to be active (if you work hard) and your forum will become active.

My exact words.. I think the only reason you posted this was so others can post on your forum.... I will post 100 times on your forum if you want.. Just pm me
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