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Hiding website IP from email headers
(2013-06-12, 10:45 PM)Nathan Malcolm Wrote: You have a false understanding of security and IP addresses. CloudFlare is not a service to hide your server IP address. It's called a public IP address for a reason. There is no vulnerability with exposing your server IP address. Anyone can get your server IP address if they want to -- you can't prevent that.
I'm facing the same problem as OP. While I completely agree with you; CloudFlare is no service to hide the IP, but it can be used for that! As Labrocca explained in a previous post I came across, CloudFlare DDoS protection is completely useless if your server IP is public, or easy to find. I'm already using a remote SMTP server (Tried Mandrill and Hotmail) but my original server IP appears in headers. I imagine that is configured in hotmails and Mandrills mail setup (Probably for abuse complaints). Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, apart from mail there are a number of ways. One of the one that is getting more popular is using the "Remote avatar" function.

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