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Not Solved Multi-forums
Not Solved
(2013-10-19, 10:21 AM)Tosfera Wrote: Hey guys,

I'm trying to use 1 backend for more then 1 forum. This may sound crazy but I don't want 3 different backends for 3 forums ( as an example ). the moderation of my work should be clean, easy to find and say the #%#$%# truth. Big Grin

So, the thing is. I want 2 forums, with 1 backend, with 2 different theme's. I did find out about the themes so that's not a problem anymore ( I guess, I just attached a different theme for a categorie ). Now the thing is, how can I attach forum1 ( lets call it 'monkey' ) to a subdomain, and forum2 ( lets call this 'banana' ) to another subdomain.

So monkey will be attached to; and banana will be attached to;

Also, I don't want to have a categorie layout. I just want 2 smooth looking forums, like it are 2 different forums. Big Grin

Thanks in advanced,

use xthreads to build the different look of each forum (it may take a while to work out how powerful xthreads is .... then perhaps htaccess to mimic urls
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