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Spammers bypassing forum registration
My forum has recently had a similar issue over the past couple of days. The "baddies" are somehow bypassing our 'required' custom profile questions. We don't have any of the listed vulnerable plugins installed. We don't require admin approval but we do require email verification. We also require the Location and Bio fields to be filled-in. They do do that with "China" and "Thanks" in those respective fields, which luckily makes them pretty easy to be recognized as 'baddies' right away.

So far I and my mods have been dealing with them manually by first banning those accounts and then I've banned the IPs followed by deleting those banned accounts.

P.S. We are running AdvancedProfile (3.0) by Alexandru21, if that helps.

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Spammers bypassing forum registration - by gmbb - 2013-11-30, 05:59 AM
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