Not Solved Every Time i Activate Plugin i get SQL Error
Not Solved
What kind of collation do you use ?
Do you use same hosts on both forums ?
Make sure you have the same engines to send and get SQL instructions, because some hosts are more restrictive than others you may probe this if you use a windows based server or linux server, and wich version of windows or linux distro do you have on your hosts. Permissions and restrictions, because i see you put a NULL value and if you can see if you change some values of this structure you can fix this.


He said use on both servers 1.6.11 version and in his server with this error he upgrade to 1.6.12 and same thing happens, for this reason i assume you have to change some structure on your plugin, if you see this error and analize them you can fix it xD.
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Plugins 1.6.x

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