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Not Solved [General] ACP User group Problem
Not Solved
You talk about the upgrade by mybb?

I've made two times, to solve the problems discovered by the validation task.

What solution can you suggest ?

thank you.

no more suggestions?

what i found is that if i try to solve the problem using a query, like [coe]ALTER TABLE mybb_usergroups ADD COLUMN cansendemailoverride int(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'[/code]

the problem change and became

Quote:SQL Error:
1054 - Unknown column 'showinbirthdaylist' in 'field list'
UPDATE mybb_usergroups SET type='1', title='Super Moderators', description='These users can moderate any forum.', namestyle='{username}', usertitle='Super Moderator', stars='6', starimage='images/star.gif', image='', isbannedgroup='0', canview='1', canviewthreads='1', canviewprofiles='1', candlattachments='1', canpostthreads='1', canpostreplys='1', canpostattachments='1', canratethreads='1', caneditposts='1', candeleteposts='1', candeletethreads='1', caneditattachments='1', canpostpolls='1', canvotepolls='1', canundovotes='1', canusepms='1', cansendpms='1', cantrackpms='1', candenypmreceipts='1', pmquota='250', maxpmrecipients='5', cansendemail='1', cansendemailoverride='0', maxemails='10', canviewmemberlist='1', canviewcalendar='1', canaddevents='1', canbypasseventmod='1', canmoderateevents='1', canviewonline='1', canviewwolinvis='1', canviewonlineips='1', cancp='0', issupermod='1', cansearch='1', canusercp='1', canuploadavatars='1', canchangename='1', showforumteam='1', usereputationsystem='1', cangivereputations='1', reputationpower='1', maxreputationsday='10', maxreputationsperuser='0', maxreputationsperthread='0', attachquota='0', cancustomtitle='1', canwarnusers='1', canreceivewarnings='1', maxwarningsday='3', canmodcp='1', showinbirthdaylist='0', canoverridepm='0', canusesig='1', canusesigxposts='0', signofollow='0' WHERE gid='3'

so i suppose it is a problem with the users group.

When i go to the "user and permissions" some flags have no words beside, and if i flag and try to save, it drops me to the error page.

what do you think about?
thank you.

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