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Hi guys, im using this shoutbox:

The issue I am now facing is on the sever side, i received this yesterday:

We have previously notified you that your hosting account with username 'xxxxxx' has exceeded our resource usage policy. This is an automated follow-up message to advise that our systems have detected further unusual activity on your account. As this has occurred within 30 days of the previous notification we are documenting this in the same ticket.

A 'dynamic execution' is an execution of a PHP or CGI script in your account. Your account is permitted to perform up to 1,300 executions in a single hour, with a maximum of 13,000 per 24 hours. In the past hour your account has hit the hourly execution limit of 1,300 executions in just 38 minutes.

This does not look like regular traffic, as our systems have detected a large flood of requests coming from multiple IP addresses. This usually indicates that someone was attempting to attack your site, either to hack it or attempt to take it offline. As a result of this, to protect your web site we have automatically blocked the offending IP addresses to prevent them being able to reach your site. The IP addresses we have blocked are as follows:

Is this caused by the chat box ? it looks like it as theres not much else and it only happened after it was installed!

Is there anything i can do to reduce the load ??

Thanks again

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