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Solved: 8 Years, 5 Months, 4 Weeks ago Bad Installation and need advise
Solved: 8 Years, 5 Months, 4 Weeks ago
That files there...

I'm thinking it was the "/home/dansmark/public_html/" in the Board Config. Page.
Maybe it should have been "" or with slash.

Is there a place to edit the Board Config, Page?

Well I tried to delete all the files and re-install from scratch, but the floders & files in "inc/languages/english/All-files" won't delete (and they are ALL null).
I've tried changing the c-mode on them all and deleting them (they dissappear and then are somehow re-created!)

So I can't do a darn thing with this MyBB forum...

Can anyone help?
I guess I can delete the database too, maybe that will help?

I finally got it installed correctly...

1st) The problem was the pathway to my files were incorrect (like I stated in the 1st post above!).
2nd) The files I memtioned above wouldn't delete (still don't know why, so I had to create a differnt directory).

The "fix":
I deleted the whole directory on my c:\, then recreated another directory with a different name and copied all MyBB files to it.
Next I copied them all through my FTP client to my web-site directory.
Then I deleted my database and user-name.
Re-created database & user-name.
Then I re-installed MyBB (but this time I found the correct pathway info on MyBB's web-site).
Now it's up and running and works correctly.

Please Note:
You jumped to a (in my opinion) "quick & thoughless conclusion".
You never bothered to address the board confg. error and where I could change it (this might have cleared up the problem, but no chance was given).

This is for all that provide help:
If help is given, at least answer the whole problem, that might clear-up a misconception the person has, or in this case, a possible "quick fix to a lot of extra work".


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