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Not Solved Merge: Attachments Not Copied from phpbb3
Not Solved

I made use of the wonderful merge system and it went very well, all except for the attachments.

I can't quite get to the bottom of the cause.
I see the phpbb3 forum contains the 'files' folder, full of filenames such as '54_0ab6e9bcb1696b30b9114edda52cec3e'
After the merge, I see files named 'post_3_1299559262.attach' under 'uploads' in the mybb root. So basically the first file as converted to the second but has not converted the image data?

Here's my report and server info:

Thanks in advanced for any and all assistance.

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Merge: Attachments Not Copied from phpbb3 - by sarichens - 2014-04-14, 07:09 AM

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