How to transfer your forum to another host (Tutorial)
Hi All,

After alot of trying to get the right way to transfare the forum between defrent servers using PhpMyAdmin to import the DB, or BigDump, every time I get kind of errors, in PhpMyAdmin only in my localhost, it's telling me, that "Worning, failed to modify header information. in the remote host, alot of errors,

So at least that the best solution I get, with nice script.

1-Disable all of your plugins.
2-Turn your board off untill we get the backup.
3-In the ACP>Backup Database,
a-File Type = Plain Text
b-Save Backup = Download
c-Backup Contents = Structure and Data
d-Analyse and Optimise Selected Tables = Yes
e-Press Perform Buckup, and save it on your PC.
4-download all your forum files via FTP to your pc, and upload it to your new host.
8-Download this great script from here
9- extract it,inside it folder called backup insert in it your db backup (the db from your old host0 and upload it to your new server,
10-If your datebase server name not "localhost" then you have to edit the dumper.php file and find

define('DBHOST', 'localhost:3306');

replace "localhost" with your DB server name.
11-go to
12-In the 1st Field the DB user name, 2nd Field the DB password. look at the following pic for more explain.

[Image: TDBE4.jpg]

13- Set the page you are in now the same in the follow pic.

[Image: TDBE5.gif]
Now you done, all you have to do now to go to your ACP in the new server and set your General Configuration, and re active your plugins (recomanded to reupload fresh files of your plugins)
Please Note: don't forgite to CHMOD your require files to be 777
I hope It's work without any problem Smile

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lol, I was just going to report it to ask to move it, but you did it to fast, thnx
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Good tutorial Smile It will come in very handy for some users.
Really A goood One.

Just one Qs. : Any special Note / Caution for Cpanel users ?
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Yes just little things if you didn't attention to it
  1. - This the important one. disable all your plugins b4 save the DB backup ( in your old server)
  2. - The db table prefix must be the same name, in the old db and the new one.
  3. - Recommended to leave the Board Configuration defult untill you restore your old db and re set it again.
thats all for now. if anyone try and hane any error please report in this thread
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I have a problem, I moved but from subdomain, the forum still connects to the old database, now I went to phpmyadmin to change the config named "bburl" but the url to the CSS still goes to my old domain and a lot of files link to the old subdomain. Any help?
Just access your ACP, Board Settings>>Change>>General Configuration. and update the links, just make sure you have CHMOD 777 for inc/setting.php and inc/config.php files.

and ask if you get any problem.


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Hm, I couldn't acess the admin cp for a wierd reason, I simply just edited inc/config.php and now all it's working Wink
Thanks anyways
I was mean access your ACP, via your browser like see?
anyway good you slove it.
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