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How does usergroup permissions work?
(2014-08-16, 06:29 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: There's a question I don't know how to answer for sure - I guess this looks bad as I'm a developer and have been part of the team for years. Still, I don't know everything so I went ahead to test it.

My primary group is group A. Group A has access to forum A only. My additional group is group B. Group B has access to forum B only.

I can only see forum A. Forum B is not shown because primary group overrides additional groups. So apparently you can't have an additional group giving more permissions to the primary.

Now, I believe this was not like this before..........I think. Anyway MyBB permissions are a bit complex, even for myself. So I guess they're complex for regular users too...or perhaps just to myself.

I had to redo all my forum permissions and now it somehow works.

Instead of draging the View Forum, Post Thread, etc buttons.. I first had to clear every forums custom permissions.. then add them one by one using the link on the right. For usergroups that aren't being touched, I had to drag at least one of the buttons into disabled and then back into enabled to get it to actually work.

Well, I hope to see a better way of doing it in 2.0.

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