RESTful API System - ALPHA testers needed
(2014-09-06, 10:47 PM)TheGarfield Wrote:
(2014-09-06, 10:11 PM)tekkiram Wrote: How we can proceed further on my request in the other thread,( I have requested an api to insert thread)

If you could point me some reference or can you start and i will do the rest, or some thing to initiate the first step.

I am looking into the mybbword plugin in wordpress repository, that is not working with latest mybb, but, just looking into that to understand how it is coded.

Actually I've created the "createthread" API.

1. Install the plugin

2. From the Admin CP > Configuration > RESTful API System, under Configuration tab, activate "createthread" API.

3. Under "New API Key" create a new API key, and give it access to the "createthread" API.

4. Now you can query your API as follows :


Pass the following headers :

output : json
apikey : [put the API key you generated]
username : The user that will be posting the thread's username
password : The user's password

And the following parameters :
forumid : The ID to the forum you want to post a thread
subject : The thread subject
message : The thread's message (content)
ipaddress : The API address of the user

Could you start by testing that?

Is there any api to create a user?, I want to dynamically create new users and the create thread apis will be called in the context of newly created users.

WOuld it be possible?

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