Not Solved Does MyBB have a plugin that will do this?
Not Solved
(2014-09-03, 01:11 PM)tyblossom Wrote:
(2014-09-02, 10:41 PM)SamedTarik Wrote: I suggest Yandex Metrica. It even provides a click-map. And you can simply do it by pasting a code in somewhere that is in ever page (footer for example).

That is a great. The only thing I'm not seeing is a place where it shows you the actual ip. Do you know if that can be added or something? It shows ip Network which isn't the exact ip I don't think.

Not as complicated as you want but, Bad Behavior in 1.6 series shows visitor;
  • IP Address
  • Visit Date
  • User Agent
  • Method/Protocol
  • URI
  • Entity/Headers
hope it will be updated to 1.8 Smile

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