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[For 1.8] MyProfile - Profile Comments & more (version 1.2)
[Image: ribbon_forkme.png]
[Image: 1411254903-logo.png]
First of all I would like to thank all the people that have helped me achieve even small parts of this project, including but not limited to :
  • dragonexpert
  • Euan T
  • Omar G.
  • Eric J.
  • Vanz
  • Darth Apple
  • jvdabz
  • Dark Neo
Upgrade :
- DEACTIVATE the plugin.
- Upload the new files to your server.
- REACTIVATE the plugin again.
Please : Respect this for the changes to take effect.

Changelog :
Version 1.2 :
Version 1.2 is a bugfix release. It fixes the following issues :
- Page does not refresh via Ajax when adding comments.
- Bug with MyAlerts 2.0
- Always showing that there is a newer version in Admin CP

You don't need to deactivate/reactivate the plugin in order for this to work. Just upload it and you're good to go.
Keep reporting bugs.

Version 1.1 :
Version 1.1 is a bugfix release (long waited for some poeple and I apologize for the wait). It mainly fixes issues with MyAlerts 2.0.
You don't need to deactivate/reactivate the plugin in order for this to work. Just upload it and you're good to go.
Keep reporting bugs.

You are not ready for MyProfile 2.0 that comes out with MyBB 2.0 !!

Version 1.0 :
Version 1.0 is a major release and a bugfix release of MyProfile plugin.
- This is the last version that supports conversion from the old Comment plugin.
- [NEW] Integration with MyAlerts 2.0.
- Problems during plugin access fixed.
- jQuery problems fixed.
- [NEW] MyProfilePermissions is a new bundle that allows users to show/hide their profile to the public. (Entirely coded by Omar G.)
- [NEW] MyProfileReferredBy is a new bundle that shows who referred users on their profile. (Entirely coded by Omar G.)
- [NEW] Visitor count on MyProfileVisitors (shows the number of visitors on each profile). (Coded by Omar G. & dragonexpert).
- The bundle system is a bit more robust, accepting new bundles to be added upon activation.
- SCEditor has been disabled on comment edits, it used to create problems and issues, until I figure out a way to fix that, now you can edit in a text area Shy

Translators : Variables have changed, and new ones added.

Version 0.5 :
Version 0.5 is a bugfix and enhancement release of MyProfile plugin.

This version supports conversion from the old ProfileComments plugin, please read the Convert section below to know more.

The following enhancements have been added :
- Integration with MyBB's notification system.
- Buddylist pagination.

The following issues have been fixed :
- Minimum of comments per page lowered to 2 (previously 5).
- A blank page displays if the comment form is submitted with Javascript off and AJAX on, or on old browser than don't fire the submit event.
- Comment author link redirecting to an incorrect profile.
- Comma depending on language.
- Unnecessary post.js loaded when on profile page.

* Translators : no new language variable introduced in this version  Big Grin

Version 0.3 :
- Initial release

Comment Converter : (not maintained anymore, use at your own risk)
- If you're looking for a converter to transfer your comments from ProfileComments plugin to MyProfile, please refer to the official post here.

MyProfile is a package of 5 completely new bundles, that contains :

  • MyProfile Comments
The main feature of MyProfile is to provide a complete Profile Comments interface, replacing the old one made by our dear Aquilez. This bundle is based on Aquilez' version, from which I've collected many useful ideas, it would be a loss not to take into account all the feature the old plugin already had.

MyProfile Comments include :

  • Private / Public status, if enabled, Private comments are only viewable by their respective authors, the profile's owner and the Forum Team.
[Image: 1414355756-mpcomments-1.png]
  • A small "Private" tag would help you differentiate Private comments from public ones
[Image: 1414355756-mpcomments-2.png]
  • Users, through their Profile options, can choose to approve all comments that are made on their profile before they are published.
[Image: 1414355756-mpcomments-3.png]

[Image: 1414355756-mpcomments-4.png]
  • A smooth report option, integrated with MyBB 1.8 Report Center
[Image: 1414355756-mpcomments-5.png]

[Image: 1414355756-mpcomments-8.png]

[Image: 1414355756-mpcomments-9.png]
  • Reported comments are highlighted in yellow, to differentiate them from other comments
[Image: 1411426889-mpcomments-10.png]
  • Alert bar, and soon MyAlerts 2.0 integration : please notice, even though in Admin settings you can select MyAlerts, it won't work simply because MyAlerts 2.0 isn't out yet, for now, leave it to "MyAlerts or Alert bar" Smile A future release will make the integration once MyAlerts 2.0 is out.
  • A smooth Edit Comment option, integrated into the page
[Image: 1414355756-mpcomments-7.png]
  • A neat statistics layout
[Image: 1414355756-mpcomments-11.png]
  • MyProfile Buddy List
Displays a pagination-styled list of each user's buddies on their profile.

[Image: 1414355756-mpbuddylist-2.png]

  • MyProfile Last Visitors
A rework on the Last Visitors on Profile plugin by llnn
[Image: 1414355756-mpvisitors.png]

Compatibility :
MyBB 1.8+ : MyBB 1.8 introduces a lot of useful functionalities that MyProfile relies on, among which you find jQuery, modals, cache->delete(), forced avatar for all users, format_avatar() function. Making this plugin work with prior versions would be practically impossible.

Free cookies :
For each issue or bug you report, that is validated as a true existing issue in the plugin, you get a +1 reputation. Want more reputation? Report more bugs  Big Grin

Download & Install :
Please ONLY donwload official versions from the mods site. DO NOT download versions from GitHub, as those are development versions, only download ones that are published in the mods site. A development version may harm your website and will not be supported.

Download from the MODS site :

Upload the content inside the "Upload" folder (do not forget the javascript file) to your server, from the Admin Panel, Install & Activate the plugin.

Translations : (some might be outdated)
- Persian
- Italian
- Spanish
- Greek

Feel free to post your own translation of this plugin.

Translators :
- Thank you for taking the time and effort to translate this plugin.
- In order to help you, I will include a list of changes to the language files that are made in every new version, this way it would be easier for you to update your posts and translations, the links above take immediately to your posts, so feel free to update them whenever you release a new version Smile

Support :
- Here, GitHub, by PM, anywhere Smile

Report a bug / new feature / enhancement :
You can report bugs / enhancements and new features you'd like to see on the plugin in this thread, or directly on GitHub :

Rasmus Lerdorf Wrote:If eval() is the answer, you're almost certainly asking the wrong question. - Rasmus Lerdorf

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