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[For 1.8] MyProfile - Profile Comments & more (version 1.2)
Quote:hjertelandetdk Wrote:  Thank you for that.

If it is easy to reuse the code, is there a chance that you may do something like post comments - like this one for xenforo ?

Does that mod add the possibility to comment on posts? Because I don't see why that would be useful if you could explain that more to me :s

Yes, it does.

The point wasnt related to the profile-plugin. But to be able to do some simple post commenting ... for those of us who still need certain forums to be sort of threaded. So, if you already have made a lot of code that could be copy/pasted .... I dont know about coding ... but just intuition. Perhaps other people would like to have threaded option available also in some forums. Or you could call it open conversations if you want to .... smile.

To sum up, I just would appreciate this kind of commenting in some of my threads.

Just an idea. Thanks for responding.

EDIT: forgot link to this plugin suggestion:

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