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[For 1.8] MyProfile - Profile Comments & more (version 1.2)
(2014-09-23, 07:25 PM)Dark Neo Wrote: 1.- when report a comment made by me in my own profile i select other and put test purposes, but when send message i got an SQL error

SELECT DISTINCT u.username,, u.receivepms, u.uid FROM mybb_moderators m LEFT JOIN mybb_users u ON ( WHERE m.fid IN () AND m.isgroup = '0'

fin m.fid IN have a blank value, and no results

2.- When you are on profiles and select another theme you got an error for the new ? at the final on userprofile and get my_post_key without results,

you obtain this error on select theme on userprofiles.

Only i find this till yet.

I couldn't see any incompatibility between MyProfile and Google SEO for MyBB 1.8, the report works fine (even though the latter hasn't been upgraded to 1.8 yet).

Could you report the problems in here :

Thank you Smile

(2014-09-28, 04:28 PM)mikeh Wrote: Good plugin. Smile This is something that I was hoping to see with the release of 1.8 Thank you. Smile

You're welcome, if you have any suggestion, don't hesitate to post them in Wink
Rasmus Lerdorf Wrote:If eval() is the answer, you're almost certainly asking the wrong question. - Rasmus Lerdorf

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