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[For 1.8] MyProfile - Profile Comments & more (version 1.2)
(2014-10-12, 06:15 PM)SAEED.M Wrote: Hi ...
Can add a button for Delete all user's sent comments? (Like delete all comments but for sent comments)
Because i see some member break Rules and send too many comments for a lot of user's and we can't control all. if add a button for delete all sent comments is so good for control members.

Thanks a lot.

This would be kinda could, it's feasible Smile

(2014-10-12, 07:37 PM)Omar G. Wrote: A feature to ban users from commenting could be nice.

If it just expands the forum ban system would be better. MyBB should have an expandable Ban Center Big Grin

Hmm, I'll think about that. Than it should be possible somewhere to see all the banned users from using the comment system, and the possibility to unban them. Which would require at least adding a menu to the Mod CP.

(2014-10-12, 10:14 PM)emir.yanliz Wrote: hi 

thanks for update Heart

my problem:

small avatar size in comment ?????????

u can see real size of avatar above page

Hi, by default the Comment uses your forum's avatar dimensions, I will try to seperate those things in the next release.

Thank you guys Smile
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