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[For 1.8] MyProfile - Profile Comments & more (version 1.2)
(2015-01-10, 01:45 PM)dragonexpert Wrote:
(2015-01-10, 04:06 AM)geazy Wrote:
(2015-01-10, 01:56 AM)dragonexpert Wrote:
(2015-01-09, 10:20 PM)geazy Wrote: Plugins page is blank. NOt showing any plugins. Why?

Likely one of the other plugins you have installed has errors.  Check your server for a file called error.log.  If you can say what the error is, I might be able to help you fix it.

Whenever I remove the contents of this plugin the page fixes

I would still like to know what the error log says.  It's hard to fix when you don't specify what the error claims.  What version of PHP are you running?

MyBB says 5.4.36
cPanel says 5.4.35

How can I get you error logs? It doesnt specify an error on the page. ITs just blank but I can still click other things like plugin updates, etc

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