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[For 1.8] MyProfile - Profile Comments & more (version 1.2)
(2015-08-20, 01:42 PM)Dark Neo Wrote: I share a file many time before and it's a working one, but since last release i maake some code changes and right now i haave it on my forum, but did someone test it !!

All have to work fine, but i made many changes since that post and at a day works fine on my forum with all code customzations and all goes fine, MyAlerts improve works fine too.

If someone wanna test and make some comments maybe i can share the code on github of latest release, but i know there are many changes on code by some other programmers so what do you think about make a working one version and set to stable to share with all users ?

After adding the comment to the profile, it won't show up where all the comments goes.

I even logged in to the test account to see if the comments alert was working, which it does. But I cannot see the comments in my own profile.
just a noob.

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