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[For 1.8] MyProfile - Profile Comments & more (version 1.2)
New version
Version 1.0 :
Version 1.0 is a major/minor (can't decide) release and a bugfix release of MyProfile plugin.
This is the last version that supports conversion from the old Comment plugin.
[NEW] Integration with MyAlerts 2.0.
- Problems during plugin access fixed.
- jQuery problems fixed.
[NEW] MyProfilePermissions is a new bundle that allows users to show/hide their profile to the public. (Entirely coded by Omar G.)
[NEW] MyProfileReferredBy is a new bundle that shows who referred users on their profile. (Entirely coded by Omar G.)
[NEW] Visitor count on MyProfileVisitors (shows the number of visitors on each profile). (Coded by Omar G. & dragonexpert).
- The bundle system is a bit more robust, accepting new bundles to be added upon activation.
- SCEditor has been disabled on comment edits, it used to create problems and issues, until I figure out a way to fix that, now you can edit in a text area. Comment posting still uses SCEditor (when activated) [Image: shy.gif]

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