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[For 1.8] MyProfile - Profile Comments & more (version 1.2)
It this plugin version 1.2 is a stable version ?
The profile comment does not refresh when adding comment .
One more issue is when i changing the user permission to "can delete own comments" , i get this error .
Any one can tell me what it means and how to solve ?


Or any one know where can get a simple profile comments plugin ?
( no others features , just a simple comments at profile )

I find the solution for the comment not refresh , if some one still interested for this plugin can try to replace the
myprofilecomments.class.php from post #210 .

I did try and all work now , but only the user permission i still cant solve it  Undecided .
And where to edit the link for the myalerts and the alert bar?
Currently when click the link on myalerts will direct go to profile , but i have create a new tab so the link should be
" member id #chatbox " .

Any one know where to edit ?
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