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[For 1.8] MyProfile - Profile Comments & more (version 1.2)
Hey, it seems like your plugin is making error. It appears that when you use report system (report post) it doesn't give you real reasons and every reason is "wrong". This thread is not by me (but same thing happened to me).

Please take this seriously, your plugin is realllllyyy awesome, and i love it. Also the fact it works for custom themes is awesome. But can you please, put last visits on main side of profile?
I had it like this:
It is all the way in Contact details, i want it to be on Forum info, i also request thread but no one helped me out..

Thanks for making such awesome plugin, you are awesome x) !

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RE: MyProfile - Profile Comments & more (version 1.2) - by Straxedix - 2017-03-09, 08:26 PM

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