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[For 1.8] MyProfile - Profile Comments & more (version 1.2)
Hi. Just wanted to mention that there is a serious bug in this plugin (using version 1.2 with MyBB 1.8.11).
So here's how I've come to f**k up my friends list:

1. There were 4 entries on my main account's friends list + one account called "test" (not being one of the entries).
2. I've created accounts "testABC" and "testDEF", and added both to my friends list, ending up with 6 friends.
3. Merged account testABC with testDEF.
4. Merged account test with testABC.
5. At this point my main account's friends list tells that I have 6 friends, showing only 4 (the ones I've mentioned at point #1).
6. Logged on to account "test", whose friends list showed my main account . Removed that entry from the list.
7. Logged on to my main account again. The friends list got f***ed-up even more, as entry #1 has dissapeared, although my username is still visible on #1's friends list. 
8. Added new friend to my friends list. Now it looks like this:
friend1 friend2 friend3 -empty space- new_friend

Anyone knows a way to manually edit friends list?

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