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[For 1.8] JAMPS - STEAM
(2015-05-31, 08:36 PM)kunt Wrote:
(2014-12-22, 05:45 AM)XEDE Wrote: Update 1.3: JAMPS - STEAM 1.3
Correction on the path to the images of the theme, and other visual enhancements.
Correccion en la ruta a las imagenes del theme, y otras mejoras visuales.
I would like to thank for such a good theme.
I need your help with some issues pointed at the image below. Here is the list of where I need your help:
1) I want to remove completely that side in black box.
2) I want to change the place of social links, and put them the gap between register and search, which is pointed out.
3) I want to remove that banner(grand teft auto banner) completely.
I hope you help me out with those issues.
Thank you WHO ever spares time and helps me.

Hello, first of all you should do this query on the thread of the theme "JAMPS - GamerZone" since this thread is about another theme.

I answer your questions:
1) You need to remove or edit the code to your taste in templates go to your "ACP -> Header Templates -> header".

2) Likewise you have to move the code from your social sites template "Header" to your template "header_welcomeblock_guest".

3) Remove to leave no logo ?, then you do from your ACP options theme, either change or remove the logo, if you want to edit it more personalized, you have to edit the code of it in the template "Header" in your ACP, to modify other aspects of the code logo Search "#logo" in your global.css, according to modification want to achieve.

Translated with Google.


Hola, primero que nada tendrías que hacer esta consulta en el hilo del theme "JAMPS - GamerZone", ya que este hilo es sobre otro theme.

Te respondo tus consultas:
1)Tienes que eliminar o editar el codigo a tu gusto en las plantillas ir a tu "ACP-->Header Templates ->header".

2) De igual forma tienes que mover el codigo de los sitios sociales desde tu plantilla "Header" a tu plantilla "header_welcomeblock_guest".

3)Eliminar para no dejar ningun logo?, en ese caso lo haces desde tu ACP en las opciones del theme, ya sea cambiar o eliminar el logo, si quieres editarlo de forma mas personalizada, tienes que editar el codigo del mismo en la platilla "Header" en tu ACP, para modificar otros aspectos del logo busca el codigo "#logo" en tu Global.CSS, segun que modificacion quieras realizar.

Traducido con Google.
[Image: CCoBXgK.png]

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