Not Solved Revolution Theme [Bug]
Not Solved
(2014-10-24, 03:03 AM)iAndrew Wrote:
(2014-10-24, 02:59 AM)ucjohn Wrote: I have members and new people trying to register on our website and they keep saying the Submit Registration Button won't respond or work. I go to try myself getting the same result. I tried seeing if it kicks any errors back at me and I cannot seem to figure out what is causing the issue. I originally thought Captcha was causing the issue but then realized with it even turned off it still won't respond. I don't want to use any other theme since it's so hard to find a decent gaming theme.. Anyways hopefully someone can check it out and try it please..


Hi it's not a theme issue.

Try this..

(2014-10-02, 02:11 PM)Destroy666 Wrote: 1. Run ACP -> Tools & Maintenance -> File Verification. Show the result here and reuplaod missing/changed files.
2. Which plugins are you using? Show the complete list. Also, try turning off all of them in ACP -> Configuration -> General Configuration -> Disable All Plugins? -> set to Yes and save.

Done the Tool & Maintenance

Congratulations! No corrupt files have been found on your installation.

And the plugin that caused the issue was..

Mybb Game Library - Deactivated it and everything works...

Thanks for the quick and friendly help!

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