[WIP] MusK - Xenforo Style MyBB Theme for MyBB 1.8x Series
Hello friends,

I hope you guys were doing great.Lately  i have been developing a theme which once i have had announced an year ago exactly for MyBB 1.6x. Due to the busy schedule and unexpected consequences i have pushed its development to a bit further back which i have unearthed, to bring forth as a new release.

So as i have mentioned i have included all the features in the previous version, and added there are lot more features to explore.
Here is a link to the older version post : http://myskins.org/Thread-WIP-MusK-Xenfo...MyBB-Theme

The Icons are based Font Icons with the iconic FontAwesome library latest version, and thanks to MyBB for making life simple by providing jQuery as 1.8x base.

Added i have modified hundreds of lines of code and innumerable templates to make it a match to the Xenforo Software, but nonetheless you will not lose the charm of MyBB. Smile

I have also added a colorpicker which changes not only the backgrounds but also the font colors, icon colors etc. Smile
The sub forums need a special mention as you would have a dropdown subforums like the XF.

The index page is designed to match the XF index page with  sidebar that has all site stats and you can add extra columns as per your requirements.

More unique features include like the profiles that are a match to XF with tabs, hover effects, Search Bar like XF with dropdown options. 

As the theme is still in wip i would try incorporating more features to the theme.
So please stay tuned and i can say that there would be no delay in the theme release and you can expect a very early release probably in a few weeks from now.

Here i include a few screenshots that were taken from my localhost in development. please provide your valuable feedback Smile

Screenshots :

Index Page : http://i.imgur.com/pKB1fMI.png
User Navigation : http://i.imgur.com/MmAEx8k.png
Main Navigation : http://i.imgur.com/90ILsrI.png
Search options : http://i.imgur.com/NZ0cI5N.png
Color Picker : http://i.imgur.com/C1Uop3E.png
Login Form : http://i.imgur.com/fBBu1sN.png
Dropdown Subforums : http://i.imgur.com/mOTOsI3.png
Postbit : postbit : http://i.imgur.com/YQw3kFF.png

[Image: mnvhXxj.png]

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