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(2015-02-22, 07:30 AM)Greg Winston Wrote: I don't know the steps to fixing it using the configuration file off the top of my head, but I can say:

Your CSS file (and a lot of your site, including admin panel) isn't loading because you have it configured for (your local computer).

Right now, your CSS file which contains all your page graphics isn't showing, because it is trying to fetch it using this URL: which won't work, because will only work on your own computer.

Your CSS file loads using this link

Someone here should be able to help you change your configuration file for MyBB, because it isn't properly configured for your host.
Thanks Greg, I'm gonna check into that

(2015-02-22, 08:54 AM)Josh H. Wrote: Open up inc/settings.php

Find $settings['bburl'] and set it to http://yourdomain
Find $settings['cookiedomain'] and set it to (the leading dot IS needed)
  • If your forum was at, you would use
Find $settings['cookiepath'] and set it to "/" if your forum is not in a folder on your site, else set it to the folder without a trailing slash, but WITH a slash before.

Now - go to your ACP -> Configuration

Site Details
- Board URL to what you set bburl to above
- Cookie domain to what you set cookiedomain to above
- Same with Cookie path
Thanks Josh, will go through your instructions shortly
and reply back here

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